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The future trend of the low-voltage electrical industry is intelligent

2011-04-15  Browse:2974Times

  The market capacity of the low-voltage electrical industry is closely linked with the development of the electric power industry. The rapid development of domestic power grid construction has brought a broad space for the development of the low-voltage electrical industry.

The market capacity of the low-voltage electrical industry is closely linked with the development of the electric power industry. The rapid development of domestic power grid construction has brought a broad space for the development of the low-voltage electrical industry. According to the corresponding power distribution equipment needed for new power generation equipment during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, as well as the need for replacement and maintenance of existing power equipment, it is expected that universal circuit breakers, plastic case circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, AC contactors, and heat The demand for relays, leakage circuit breakers and other products will reach more than 200 million units.

In recent years, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry has continued to develop rapidly, import and export trade is active, and the number has increased substantially. In 2008, the import and export volume of low-voltage electrical products reached more than 18 billion US dollars, of which exports reached 8 billion US dollars. In the first half of 2009, exports reached US$4.79 billion, an increase of 35%% over the same period, and will grow at a rate of nearly 30%.

Experts predict that in the near future, China will not only become a major producer of low-voltage electrical appliances, but also become a major exporter. The research and development of high-end products will continue to be the main direction of the industry in the future.

Great market potential

After more than 50 years of development, the low-voltage electrical industry has formed a relatively complete industrial system. Its products are widely used and have huge market potential.

According to industry statistics, there are about 1000 series of domestic low-voltage electrical products, with an output value of 20 billion yuan and more than 2,000 production enterprises with a scale above. At present, low-voltage electrical products are in the first to third generation technology level, and the fourth generation products are still under development.

With the improvement of domestic power construction level and the continuous development of low-voltage electrical production technology, a new generation of low-voltage electrical appliances with intelligent and communicable features will become high-end products. The first generation of products will be withdrawn from the market in 2010, the second generation of products will become low-end products, and the third-generation products and some second-generation products will be classified as mid-range products.

At present, domestically produced medium and low-grade low-voltage electrical appliances basically occupy most of the domestic market, but domestic high-end low-voltage electrical appliances can be divided into foreign markets with the same products, and the domestic market share of most products is still very low. The demand for low-voltage electrical appliances mainly depends on imports. It is expected that during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the import of high-end low-voltage electrical products will maintain a rapid growth trend.

According to relevant plans, at the end of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, domestic power generation capacity will be close to 800 million kilowatts. By 2020, the installed capacity of domestic generators will reach 1.186 billion kilowatts, surpassing the United States and ranking first in the world. The market for low-voltage electrical appliances is huge.

Development shows several major characteristics

Low-voltage electrical products are intelligent. In modern power stations and industrial and mining enterprises, electronic computer monitoring systems have been widely used, and high-performance and intelligent requirements for low-voltage circuit breakers are provided, and products are required to have protection, monitoring, testing, self-diagnosis, display, etc. Features.

Electronic products. In modern enterprises, the use of PC control systems instead of systems consisting of electrical-mechanical components is the mainstream of mechanical and electrical control systems. The system requires electrical products with high reliability and high anti-interference. It also requires that the contacts can reliably connect low voltage and weak current. The arc when the contacts are disconnected cannot interfere with the normal operation of the electronic circuit.

Product combination and modularization. Combining modules with different functions into modular combination appliances according to different requirements is the development direction of the low-voltage electrical industry today. Adding auxiliary contact components, delay components, self-locking components, interface components, mechanical interlocking components and surge voltage components to the body of the contactor can adapt to the requirements of different occasions, thereby expanding the scope of application and simplifying the production process. It is convenient for users to install, use and repair. At the same time, product reliability and product quality will be further improved.