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After years of development, the company has formed a corporate culture with unique characteristics and strong cohesiveness and appeal. The company develops the blue ocean strategy, adheres to the value innovation as the core, the spirit of efficiency and pragmatism, and the bright development prospects attract many outstanding talents to join. The company's humanized management model enables people to make the best use of their talents, improve themselves, achieve others and promote sustainable development.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: integrity, pragmatism, innovation, excellence
  • Brand concept: safety first, service-oriented
  • Enterprise goal: to become an international advanced green power company
  • Corporate values: create maximum value for shareholders and customers, and create maximum social value for the country
  • Corporate mission: Pursue the common development of individuals, businesses and society
  • Service tenet: quality first, honesty
  • Management philosophy: man-made and humanized management; fulfilling savings, reducing costs, and opposing waste; norizing the system, strictly implementing, not recognizing the company system is not recognized by the company